What to Do When Your Sewer Line is Broken

Douglasville GA Sewer Line ServiceA corroding septic line can lead to leaks in your house or saturated soil (and odor) around your house. It’s not just problematic, it’s also a risk to your health.

Performing a partial line replacement or replacing broken joints in the pipeline can correct the problem, but it’s not something that a homeowner can do on their own. Rather, you need the help of an experienced septic professional who has the equipment and experience necessary to make industrial quality drain line repairs. In fact, depending on where you live, it might even be illegal for a homeowner to make the repairs on their own.

Reasons for Broken Septic Lines

Routine inspections are one of the best ways to avoid unwanted septic emergencies or damage. During the visit, your inspector will check all aspects of the system’s function, including the pipes that lead into it.

Sometimes it’s common for roots of neighboring trees or bushes to interfere with drain lines, eventually causing them to break or leak. Inspect your sewer line areas regularly for signs of invading vegetation that may need to be removed.

Changes in soil, such as settling or drought can impact septic lines as well. Even very cold freezes can lead to pipes cracking and collapsing, resulting in a leak into the surrounding soil.

While there are dozens of reasons why a septic line can corrode, these are some of the more common examples.

Family owned and operated, Metro Septic in Douglasville can help homeowners identify leak locations and make repairs as necessary, before bigger problems start. The best part? We’re fully insured. Call our experts today for a free quote.

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