Sump Pumps 

Most people dread the rain. Some Georgia households cringe every time the weather forecasts rain because they experience the unfortunate incident of a flooded basement. If your basement collects rain water whenever it rains, the sewer and septic services specialists at Douglasville Sewer Septic can solve your flooding problem by installing a new sump and ejector pump.

Ejector Pump Service 

Our professional sewer and septic specialists will inspect your sewer and septic system to see if a new sump and ejector pump will solve your problem.

What does a Sump & Ejector Pump do?

Once you have a new sump and ejector pump installed, it will stop rain water from escaping into your basement by redirecting water away from the house. Additionally, a sump and ejector pump prevents sewage from backing-up into your septic tank.

We install a variety of Sump and Ejector Pumps including:

• Pedestal pumps

• Ejector pumps

• Float sump pumps

• sewage lift pumps

• submersible sewage pumps

• Pressure switch type sump pumps

When you experience a flooded basement, you can trust our licensed and bonded sewer and septic specialists to install a new sump and ejector pump the right way. When the weather forecasts rain showers in the near future, you can breathe easier in knowing that your basement will be flood-free.

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No one should have to experience a flooded basement whenever it rains. To find out if you need a new Sump and Ejector Pump installed, contact our Sump Pump Company today.